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Baby Shower Cake & Bakeries near Dayton, OH Edit

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KHM Cakes
Milford, OH
48x48_sq_1349179668476-amysweddingcake 48x48_sq_1349179895283-sweetpeacake 48x48_sq_1349179928954-aprilsweddingcake 48x48_sq_1349179961307-arronsweddingcake
Jeana's Great Cakes
Cincinnati, OH
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Joyce's Tasty Cakes
Hamilton, OH
48x48_sq_1220371380569-60annvcake 48x48_sq_1220371464209-august011 48x48_sq_1220371520397-august037 48x48_sq_1220371604241-ediblephotocake(1)
Sweet Escapes Bakery
Cincinnati, OH
Sugar Realm
Mason, OH
48x48_sq_1295458753044-p10timelesselegance1016 48x48_sq_1295458732950-p10timelesselegance1013 48x48_sq_1295458011559-10brdlmmp 48x48_sq_1295458295434-p10bachelorette042
Tres Belle Cakes
Cincinnati, OH
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Le Sucre Bakery, LLC
Covington, KY
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Shalina's Specialty Cakes
Springfield, OH
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