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Baby Shower Cake & Bakeries near Detroit, MI Edit

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Gwen's Cake Decorating & Etc.
Saline, MI
48x48 sq 1379524176187 burlap rustic cake 48x48 sq 1379524241520 ruffle cake 48x48 sq 1379524251805 cupcakes 48x48 sq 1379524206101 rough frosting
Zingerman's Bakehouse
Ann Arbor, MI
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Lakes Cakes
Commerce Township, MI
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Lisa's Confection Connection
Clarkston, MI
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West Bloomfield, MI
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Domestic Arts Custom Cakes
Ann Arbor, MI
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Wedding Cake Art and Design Center
Brighton, MI
48x48 sq 1272912569889 cutoutscroll 48x48 sq 1272912394965 16thbirthday2 48x48 sq 1272912426734 blueribbon 48x48 sq 1272912461081 cakeboxes
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