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American Polish Cultural Center
Troy, MI
48x48 sq 1308870265525 amyneilsterlingheightsweddingpictures72 48x48 sq 1308870244181 amyneilsterlingheightsweddingpictures63 48x48 sq 1295586528485 photo02 48x48 sq 1295586389125 p1210617
Atheneum Suite Hotel
Detroit, MI
48x48 sq 1354912371259 lobby 48x48 sq 1354912337264 abar2 48x48 sq 1354912348004 abar3 48x48 sq 1354912370189 905deluxe
The Fillmore Detroit
Detroit, MI
48x48 sq 1402331327976 emr719 48x48 sq 1402331348839 img5358 48x48 sq 1402331356774 sholander318 48x48 sq 1402331336639 fillmore wedding outside
Skyline Club
Southfield, MI
48x48 sq 1394825781501 imag034 48x48 sq 1394825862322 imag034 48x48 sq 1419429113585 mitzvah1 48x48 sq 1419429117893 mitzvah2
Grace Chapel
Brighton, MI
Devil's Ridge Golf Club
Oxford, MI
48x48 sq 1304376771500 02220 48x48 sq 1304376775953 bqtpic 48x48 sq 1304376782297 copyof016143 48x48 sq 1304376801563 crw0490
Roberts Riverwalk Hotel Detroit
Detroit, MI
48x48 sq 1321367873460 pavilionphoto 48x48 sq 1321367907007 hotelexterior.jpeg1 48x48 sq 1321367945616 riverfrontpatio
Somerset Inn
Troy, MI
Embassy Suites Detroit-Livonia/Novi
Livonia, MI
48x48 sq 1414073181550 01 hotel exterior 48x48 sq 1414073189074 04 atrium 48x48 sq 1414073200074 02 wedding gazebo 48x48 sq 1414073210064 03 reception
TV's Grand Event
Trenton, MI
48x48 sq 1314376720773 grandbuffet 48x48 sq 1314376777261 tvsgrand
MGM Grand Detroit
Detroit, MI
The Met Hotel
Troy, MI
48x48 sq 1216317477145 abcmeeting5 48x48 sq 1216317528739 abcmeeting3
DoubleTree Detroit/Dearborn
Detroit, MI
48x48 sq 1248796762079 exterior 48x48 sq 1248796405126 ceremonygreatroom 48x48 sq 1248802922548 greatroomceremony2 48x48 sq 1248796538298 ballroomheadtable
Creek Center Banquet Hall
Armada, MI
Regency Manor and Banquet Center
Southfield, MI
48x48 sq 1377710667010 59376155106851274791688043766n 48x48 sq 1377710671800 375592615510638460817566066617n 48x48 sq 1377710675841 944414615510658460815353434608n 48x48 sq 1377710679690 9459336155105384608271290714994n
Detroit Marriott Southfield
Southfield, MI
48x48 sq 1349808929649 ballroom 48x48 sq 1349809291822 picture257 48x48 sq 1349809332093 1000552 48x48 sq 1349809383456 1000580
The Gardens at Grice's
Caro, MI
48x48 sq 1281538945277 3454945305144087837054440087861217684449531n1 48x48 sq 1281538954574 3496345292099587837054440087861189683114760n1 48x48 sq 1281540715309 picture337 48x48 sq 1281539061434 picture330
Burnt Toast Inn
Ann Arbor, MI
48x48 sq 1273775192346 1 48x48 sq 1273775239236 0 48x48 sq 1273775274174 2 48x48 sq 1273775341377 9
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