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Woodruff Events and Services
Springfield, OH
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Cedar Springs Pavilion
Tipp City, OH
The Madison Event Center
Covington, KY
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Wunderland Banquet Hall
Cincinnati, OH
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Bel-Wood Country Club
Morrow, OH
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Newport Aquarium
Newport, KY
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The Redmoor
Cincinnati, OH
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Savannah Center
West Chester, OH
Dayton Racquet Club
Dayton, OH
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The Metropolitan Club
Covington, KY
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Pebble Creek Golf Course & Event Center
Cincinnati, OH
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Shaker Run Golf Club
Lebanon, OH
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Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal
Cincinnati, OH
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Presidential Banquet Center
Kettering, OH
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Receptions Conference Centers
Aurora, IN
Kingsgate Marriott
Cincinnati, OH
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The Phoenix- Cincinnati, Ohio
Cincinnati, OH
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Walden Ponds Golf Club
Hamilton, OH
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