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Frutig Farms
Ann Arbor, MI
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Wabeek Country Club
Bloomfield Hills, MI
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Warren Valley Golf & Banquet Center
Dearborn Heights, MI
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DeCarlo's Banquet & Convention Center
Warren, MI
Tapestry Banquets
Southfield, MI
Maniaci's Banquet Center
Richmond, MI
Diamond Center
Novi, MI
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Bucks Run Golf Club
Mount Pleasant, MI
The Townsend Hotel
Birmingham, MI
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Great Oaks Country Club
Rochester, MI
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White Lake Oaks
White Lake, MI
The Wyndgate
Rochester, MI
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Lake St. Clair Metropark
Harrison Township, MI
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The Holly Hotel
Holly, MI
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American Polish Cultural Center
Troy, MI
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Colonial Valley Suites
Davison, MI
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Crowne Plaza Auburn Hills
Auburn Hills, MI
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