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Allegria Hotel
Long Beach, NY
48x48 sq 1359050481003 huberfeld12 48x48 sq 1359050595001 huberfeld52 48x48 sq 1359050722401 theknotthepool018 48x48 sq 1309891114966 ballroom1
Gurney's Montauk
Montauk, NY
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Crest Hollow Country Club
Woodbury, NY
48x48 sq 1331751356047 crest7 48x48 sq 1331751078153 cresthollow4 48x48 sq 1331751087023 cresthollow3 48x48 sq 1331751562281 crest9
The Andrew Hotel
Great Neck, NY
48x48 sq 1450880771340 jr. suite 2015 48x48 sq 1450880834393 full lobby 2015 48x48 sq 1339189152759 andrewslobby037 48x48 sq 1450880968949 king bed 2015
Soundview Caterers
Bayville, NY
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Jericho Terrace
Mineola, NY
48x48 sq 1347720345227 jerichoxmas0001 48x48 sq 1347721985745 jerichoterracesample 48x48 sq 1347722124434 photo4 48x48 sq 1347721859284 highresolution557
The Somerley
Woodbury, NY
48x48 sq 1388086633765 somerley 48x48 sq 1388086643229 somerle 48x48 sq 1388086647683 somerley 48x48 sq 1388086652849 somerley
Carlyle At the Palace
Plainview, NY
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Watermill Caterers
Smithtown, NY
48x48 sq 1440426596774 astor03300dpifinal 48x48 sq 1440426621645 astor01300final 48x48 sq 1415822139339 outdoorentrance314 2 48x48 sq 1415822033307 astorroomcolorvariation23
Venetian Yacht Club
Village Of Babylon, NY
48x48 sq 1318086680563 20d 48x48 sq 1318086660814 18d 48x48 sq 1318086642624 16d 48x48 sq 1318086651875 17d
The Vineyards
Aquebogue, NY
48x48 sq 1386948430923 047 48x48 sq 1369680285617 ww 1 48x48 sq 1454532920022 b7g 48x48 sq 1369679035818 img1168
The Village Club at Lake Success
Great Neck, NY
48x48 sq 1418336210882 24 48x48 sq 1418336196830 0180ds0080 48x48 sq 1418336288359 bridal party bridge 48x48 sq 1418336299388 centerpiece
Crestwood Manor
Northport, NY
48x48 sq 1316641785203 brochure 48x48 sq 1316643631422 outside4 48x48 sq 1316640498719 bar 48x48 sq 1316640564641 piano
The Inn at New Hyde Park
New Hyde Park, NY
48x48 sq 1415892921910 1491521102031770784108831400345889o 48x48 sq 1415892935017 159704910203177076250829200846306o 48x48 sq 1415892944521 77483102031770767308411469357047o 48x48 sq 1415892954605 1074739102031770763708321159116952o
The Garden City Hotel
Garden City, NY
48x48 sq 1374690742569 entrance red carpet 6x10 48x48 sq 1374690758996 gilded revelry   cocktail table 48x48 sq 1374690846505 room shot 2 10x6 48x48 sq 1374690765910 grand ballroom10x6
Willow Creek Golf & Country Club
Mount Sinai, NY
48x48 sq 1416593521820 annastevenwillowcreek692 48x48 sq 1416594179689 106131496903653060313936530241510180176n 48x48 sq 1416594281655 dawngene 48x48 sq 1416593902691 annastevenwillowcreek523
Lombardi's on the Sound
Port Jefferson, NY
48x48 sq 1428591367518 108910048793856320830831511117291n 48x48 sq 1414440776687 park ave 48x48 sq 1428591370082 parkave 48x48 sq 1436541133209 11295568102050249835574875323734274448725319n
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